Monday, June 4, 2012

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Though life cannot be created in real life, it’s possible in reel life. And I am privileged to be a person who can create life through animation technologies. Be it 2D, 3D or Flash animations, I have been creating enticing animation for my clients from all industries. The joy of animation lies in actuating the animated characters just like the living beings and creating an equal impact. View some animated clips and get ready to experience more about the virtual world.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fantasy Art

Fantasy has its special appeal. It’s a genre of art that is depicted by the artist’s individual manner portraying any fiction, magical, supernatural themes. It gives an opportunity to the people to imagine themselves in a fantasy world and feel the thrill of adventure or a mission. Through my fantasy art, I represent specific characters or scenes from works of fantasy literature and make the readers experience reality in an imaginative world. Witness the illustration of some of my fantasy arts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

comic art

Art, we all know this word but how many of us knows what is art and what it is containing inside.In fact it has only a beginning,it has no end.There are different type of privileges and occupations in this world and the companies attempting to get their goal to keep stay and being up in their field by using art like marketing ,product promoting ,speech,communication etc.Art is not a profession it is a passion, art is a language to communicate with others and it is a medium to express our imagination,emotions,concepts,ideas,feelings and have at last loud voice so that we can hear it's song.
Comic art is one of the medium which is not only entertain to children but also could play a dynamic role to promote a story,screenplay, product and any kind of business with it’s functionality,uses and it's effective and reflective modes.Many companies like confectionery,beverages and advertising based organisations are getting benefits by it’s multidimensional results.For instance we should have a look at movies like 300,dark night,wanted,superman,spider man hulk etc.these movies are totally based on comic art and not only made a history in entertaining world but also given a big finacial business to the advertising and entertainment world.
Generally a comic book prepared by expert visualisers,illustrators(pencillers & inkers)and expert digital colourists and they follows the story and illustrate it according to the scene.
Many comic companies have published the renowned writer's classic stories and converted into graphic novels like the invisible man,time machine,20,000 leagues under the sea,king soloman's mines,master of the world,journey to the center of the earth and have given a healthy and knowledgeable entertainment to the world.
There are many artists who have a big fame by their great job and giving a good entertainment to the world by their stylish and fantasy art e.g Boris Vallejo,frank miller,Alex Ross,cartoonist pran and so on.At last we can say that art has no limits at all and we can share our thoughts and communicate with others by using it's language.